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Why I decided to create my own digital products

I’ve thought about this for a long time. Wouldn’t it be awesome if I could create digital products and sell them online? I mean, the perks are amazing:

  • No investment (Just your time)
  • You can work where and when you want to
  • You won’t run out of product
  • Any person can purchase from anywhere in the world
  • Your business will be completely automated
  • You will make money on your sleep
  • And the best one: you will be able to achieve financial freedom

It sounds great right?

My problem

To be honest, there are many projects that I started and never finished. They never even went beyond the planning of the idea.

I’m a web designer and developer and the only products I have finished in my life are the projects I’ve created for my clients in my freelance business.

Every product or business idea I had until this point of my life, has been put on the back burner.

The realization

I’m using content the wrong way. Always reading, learning, consuming and never taking ACTION. Again, always consuming.

I’m not the only one with this problem, there are a lot of people (you might be one of them) that always procrastinate doing products because they’re consuming products.

After reading Justin Jackson‘s blog, I realized that it was time to start creating things. It’s time to fight that ugly monster called procrastination. Because I think that everything comes down to procrastination. We procrastinate creating things because we consume a lot of content. We watch Netflix, we check Facebook, we read blog posts, we read emails, we watch YouTube videos, we consume.

The decision

This is the beginning of my journey, I decided to start working towards my goals and stopping being a consumer. Being a consumer sucks.

I decided to create my own products because I don’t want to see myself in a couple of years regretting not doing anything of value and not achieving my goals just because of procrastination.

I’m about to start planning my first digital product, it will be a book. I already brainstormed some potential topics and they are all related to web development. I decided to start with an ebook because it’s always good to start small.

Everything I’ve learned about ebook creation comes from Nathan Barry. He is the founder of ConvertKit, an email marketing company targeted to professional bloggers. Before ConvertKit, he created a number of books in the area of web and mobile application design. He shared everything he learned in the process and the profit of each of his projects on his website. It’s another of the reasons I decided to start with an ebook.

As I will create a book related to web development, I will be sharing content mostly related to web development because I want to start building an audience that might be interested in buying that book in the future.

In the next post of the Business category, I will share the exact topic my book will be about and the exact date I will launch it in.

Join me in my journey and stop being a consumer. You can do things that matter by using your willpower to beat procrastination. Don’t wait for that peak of motivation that will inspire you to take action. Just do it. It’s all about slow, consistent progress.

All the best,
Christian Cros

  • Nice! It’s not *easy*, but with consistent effort every day, it is possible! Looking forward to hearing about your progress!

    • I know, it may seem like a daunting task at first but making slow consistent progress everyday will get you closer and closer to the end goal!

      Thank you for reading my post Justin!

  • Fatboy10174

    great! I’m in the exact same position as you right now. I wanted to just create my own products because employers restrict you and don’t allow creative freedom. I’m currently working on a website to help amateur filmmakers. Currently in beta signup you can view it here. I have lots of exciting ideas that I want to work on all at the same time, but as you’ve mentioned its always good to start small so I have to resist working on everything all at once.

    • Yes, it’s better to focus on one thing than attempting to do everything and achieving nothing. Nice work with your project, keep me posted on your progress!

      Thanks for reading my post, let me know if there is anything I can help you with.

      • Fatboy10174

        yes will do! No problem it was a good read. Good luck with your projects!